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Avalon 2006 attendees can post reports here!'s Journal
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Below are the 6 most recent journal entries recorded in Avalon 2006 attendees can post reports here!'s LiveJournal:

Monday, March 5th, 2007
2:09 pm
Sunday session....
I attended the Sunday session.
Strangely I slept very well the night before, even though my biggest wish for over 19 years would come true the following morning; finally I was going to meet Richard Dean Anderson!!
When I got up that morning and went down to have breakfast, nerves were slowly coming up..

<lj-cut text="Yes, there's more"> I met up with Toni, whom I had met the day before, after a few months of chatting and emailing through the RDA board and MOL. I met up with Martine also, a young lady I met at the bed and breakfast I was staying in...
We all gathered at the gates of Bisshop's Palace. A historic building, set in beautiful surroundings. As you will understand, the beauty of it passed me by at first, since I was only anxious to go in.

After a little while the gates opened and we all went inside.
We all entered the room in which the Q and A session would be held. Thomasina (bless her) gave us some final instructions on what we could and could not do. 
After a looong introduction of what seemed AGES, both Amanda and RD came in.
At that point I already had tears in my eyes (some people know why, for those who don't: I can explain, but not on here)
The moment they walked in the room, there was this huge applause and a lot of clicking from all photo cameras. I even caught RD on film, photographing me. That was very cool. 

So, off we went with the questions. I can't exactly remember all the questions asked, but there were some great ones! Richard Dean has this amazing abilty to misunderstand things on purpose. You got to love him for that.
Both he and Amanda were asked what advice they'd give if they ran into a 20-year old version of themselves.
RD: "What?! A 20-year old VIRGIN????" 
Okay, of course everybody cracked up about this. His reply: "I'd be very surprised to run into a 20-year old virgin of myself" Needless to say all women went crazy...

I must honestly say I wasn't into Amanda that much, but she really stole my heart. She has and extremely dry sense of humor. What a beautiful person she is. No wonder she has this huge loyal fanbase too. She's downright gorgeous. 

Then came another great question; if they had to describe the weekend in one word, what would it be.
Amanda :"Intimate" (as in: different from other conventions)
Richard : "Hot"  (as in: "I'm a Minnesota boy")
So, if you really want to know: it was hot and intimate, LOL!

When the Q and A was over we all went downstairs where they would join us for coffee and tea and a somewhat more personal chat.
Unfortunately we only had 5 minutes per table, which is wayyyyy too short, let me tell you!
Amanda and Rick came to our table and RD had to squeeze in between Amanda and another lady. I'll never forget his face, poor guy...
He wiped his forehead which reminded me of what he had said at the Q and A and all of a sudden I said: "You think YOU're hot?? You should try wearing an angora sweater! (which I was wearing)  -Really I had no idea where that came from, the words just flew out of my mouth....-
Rick answered: "Okay!" and we both pretended to take off our sweater and shirt.... Amanda started waving and said: "No no!! Keep your clothes on!"  Richard Dean said: "Later, during the photoshoot we can swop!"
I can't believe I said that, but I managed to make him blush... hehe!

After that we had to get ready for the photoshoot and we were all awaiting our turn.
To entertain us Dan Shea (sgt. Siler) answered some questions from fans and he made a lot of fun of all the actors involved in SG-1. But it was in a funny way, not hurtful.
He is nuts. Really. He is. He is hilarious. Only dressed in a shirt and shorts (late November!!!) He's great!! I almost peed my pants (well skirt actually)

When I went in to have my photo taken and took place on the little mat which was used as the "mark" to stand on. Amanda warned me to keep my sweater on and Rick all of a sudden said: "God, you smell nice!!" I swear, my face must 've turned bright red! If they had switched off the light that very moment, my head would've lit up the entire place...
After the pic was finally taken -this is so emberassing- I had tears in my eyes. I simply became overwehelmed with emotions, for reasons I cannot possibly explain. Let's just say that RD has a very big place in my life.

Anyway, when I was in tears, Amanda was pinching my shoulder to comfort me.
I honestly told them I had been waiting for this day for 19 years.
RD shouted: "What?!?! 90 years????" (he was joking)
And then all of a sudden he just pulled me close and gave me an enormous hug. (we were not allowed to ask for hugs or kisses, but he did it all out of himself)
It wasn't a half and half hug, but he actually kinda sueezed me. Then he held my hands for a few seconds and he said: '" you'll be okay, you ARE okay!"
Then my time was up and I floated out upon cloud #9....  I will never, NEVER forget that moment.

When the shoot was over, we had about 1,5 break and we (Toni, her boyfriend who had been waiting outside and I) decided to go for a lunch at Starbuck's. Obviously I wasn't hungry. I was still overwhelmed with what had happened earlier. So I only had a nice big mug of coffee. (Thank God for coffee!)

Everywhere we looked there were people wearing the Avalon badges and everybody talked to one another. It was like one big friggin' United Nations, all together!
The sun was shining like mad, as if God was on all our sides on this great day and we all went out for a walk. Enjoying the sun and talking about earlier events.
At the cathedral we ran into Dan again, in his shorts, as always. Man, his ears must have been ringing.... ;-)

Later on we went back to the gates of Bisshop's Palace, waiting for the auction to begin.
I HATE waiting, so I decided to go and feed the ducks ans pigeons, a little further along the moat.
Of course (this is so typically my luck) RD walked by that very moment, passing through the crowd and I was standing on the other side..!!! AAAAAAAAH!
Well, at least the birds had a ball.....

At the auction you could bid on all sorts of stuff:  t-shirts, caps, set props, dog tags and so on. I had spent my last dime on this trip so I couldn't afford anything. Some shirts were sold for over 400 pounds!!! YIKES!
Amanda, Dan and RD walked the isle up and down to show all the auctioned goods. All of a sudden Richard Dean grabbed my shoulder, kneeled down a bit and asked me if I were OK because he remembered the emotional moment... For those who still doubted, Richard Dean does really care about his fans. Bless his soul.

I cannot possibly write down everything that happened that day. It would take hours. But it certainly was the best day of my life. Not even my wedding day will top it! Both Amanda as well as Richard Dean are great. After 19 years I've managed to finally fulfill my number 1 dream: meeting Rick. And I wasn't disappointed.
In stead I only love and admire him more. This man is a dream come true!

** GG</lj-cut>

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Tuesday, February 27th, 2007
1:35 pm
Odd Tales of Avalon - Telkena's POV (oy!)
Okay so Telkena asked me to post this for her as she doesn't have an LJ. Soe here is her report of Avalon. She was on the Friday PM session and WOW, her report is just like being back there... so detailed and descriptive! Nice job hun!

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Wednesday, December 13th, 2006
11:06 pm
Avalon Report Sat PM Session

Well I've finally done a report and posted some pictures of my Avalon experience. I've posted it over at my journal.

Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment *g*

follow me.....
Friday, December 8th, 2006
8:22 pm
Avalon report Friday morning
Our journey (Séverine, Elisabeth, Angélique and me) at Avalon.

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Monday, November 27th, 2006
8:16 pm
Friday AM session
Here is my report of my Avalon experience!

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Sunday, November 26th, 2006
10:37 pm

My only rule is that new posts only be started when posting a new report!

I hope you enjoy reading about the convention and feel like you were actually there!
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